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5 Possible Ways you can Save Time on Social Media

With so many social media applications out there that are must-haves for your business trying to keep up with them, all becomes a rather time-consuming task.

Here are some possible ways that could hope you save time with your social media.

1. Setup a Content Vault

This is much like the old style filing cabinet where you would file away different documents, photos, etc. All sorted in a neat format and style unique to yours or your office’s needs.

This is much the same for the Content Vault and if you are already storing files or emails on your computer you pretty much have one already.

However, it is better to create a unique one designed just for all the presentations, texts, videos, photos, gifs, jpegs, etc.

If multiple people use social media in your company then ensure that they keep to the standard format of the vault and that all social media content is kept in the vault.

2. Social media automation software

There are different applications designed specifically to automate your social media activities.

Some are paid for applications that are mostly subscription based but you do get some really good ones that are totally free and can work just as well as the paid for ones.

3. Limit your Posting

We get it – really we do, you want to have your presence known and join in everywhere you can but rather send out a few quality regular posts and leave your audience wanting more than bombard them with a flood of posts that just annoys them.

4. Share Content

It is okay to share someone else’s post that you think someone else in your group may benefit from or would like to know.

It is also a good idea to diversify and not always post about you or your company. Give good quality advice; show your followers that you care by sharing information and advice. Let them in a few good trade secrets or bargains you know about etc.

5. Make a listing station

A good listing station is a way to set up alerts that alert you whenever your company gets a mention in a post.
There are many good ways to set these up one easy way is with Google Alerts.