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Social Media could be Beneficial to Customer support

As social media grows so does the interaction between businesses and their customers through the use of various social media platforms. For instance, Twitter reported a 250% increase in the customer to business interaction over the past two years.

The age of customers wanting instant messages to their queries is upon us and it is time for companies to start realizing the potential value Social CRM could bring to their business.

The difference between Social CRM and Traditional CRM

Traditional CRM

Traditional CRM ( which stands for Customer Relationship Management) traditionally made suggestions and generalized queries, findings and data based on customer statistics and data preferences.
The customer would either have to place a phone call, wait for a callback or an email for a response to their problem or query.

Social CRM

Social CRM uses various social media platforms to interactively engage the customer in a one-to-one conversation and uses the customer’s queries, suggestions, complaints and social interactions with the support team to gain a more accurate and user-specific picture of the customer’s needs and desires.

How does Social CRM benefit your business?

Because Social CRM potentially interacts with the customer’s social media interactions tracking a client’s queries, suggestions and complaints are easier to organize and manage to make communication between the company’s customer support team and the customer one that should be a lot faster. This is beneficial to both the customer and the support team member.

Why should Social CRM be important to your business no matter the size?

Don’t be left behind the times

Consumer behavior studies recently conducted deduced that 67% of consumers have contacted businesses over a social media account. Consumer demands faster response to their complaints and queries are on the rise and by not meeting these demands the business could suffer as they go to another business that does meet them.

Social media is the new word of mouth

Nowadays a disgruntled customer blowing off steam is not just one person moaning to two or three of her friends and the word spreading slowly down the line.

It is a consumer whom with one Tweet, Facebook or Instagram post is potentially reaching hundreds if not thousands of people with a reach that can span the globe.

When you look at the disgruntled customer in that light Social CRM suddenly makes a lot of sense!